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Monday, July 22, 2013

Udon with Beef

I have recently eating a lot of Udon noodles. Maybe because we live in Japan now, I guess. Anyways, my husband actually got me started with this Udon noodles stuff. We buy the ones by the pack, (not as good as the ones in restaurants, but its pretty darn good from the wrapper!):

Basically, follow the instruction on how to cook this. Just add some water in a pot and let it boil until the noodles are all separated. Then you add the seasoning.

While that's boiling, choose the type of meat you want, boneless beef thin sliced or there's the Sukiyaki meat which is sliced super thin. Season that the way you want. For me, I like to season it with Garlic Salt an powder, all purpose seasoning, and splash of soy sauce.
Then, cook that in a pan with sesame oil, (or whichever kind, I also love using the virgin coconut oil which is super yummy with the Sukiyaki meat), until well cooked.
While that's cooking, pour your noodles in a bowl so that it will cool off some before your meat is done. Trust me, it gets really hot, I've burnt my tongue several times because I was impatient and want to gobble it up right away. No fun! :)
When the meat is done cooking, just put the meat on top of your noodles so the flavors from the meat can mix in with the noodles for extra flavor! Oh so yummy!

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