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Friday, July 19, 2013

Move to Iwakuni

Since I haven't mentioned it a million times, my husband finally got an order to Japan this past May. We've always wanted to come here and we are so ecstatic that we did. We have been here for almost two months and loving it. So many adventures ahead of us, so little time, but we are going to take this advantage for the next 3 years to explore what we can. It's definitely a new whole experience for all of us. 

One downfall from moving to a whole new country is that we will be missing all our friends and family. Well, the California weather too! Inside the base is more Americanized so being homesick isn't so bad.

First real exploration we did is the famous Kintai Bridge. It's really beautiful there. I've seen some pictures during the blooming season, it's way more prettier than this. Cherry blossoms everywhere. Too bad we missed it this year. Something to look forward to next year, that's for sure.

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