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Baby Showers

Baby Showers that I have done with, of course, some help with friends.

The first one that I've done was with a friend's friend and I volunteer to help her.
It is for a baby boy with blue and green color scheme.
check this out ---> Baby Davean

I have to say, I haven't done many but I will continue on listing my experience with Baby showers I've done. 
This next one is was for my sister in law and my brother. I enjoyed making the diaper cake specially. It is a Lion King theme shower.
check this out ---> Baby Mason

One of my very good friend was having a baby about four months after we move. So, I promised, before I moved, I would throw her an amazing baby shower. Or at least I will try to make it as amazing as I can imagine.
This baby shower, she prefer it to be baby purple theme color since she is going to have a baby girl.
check this out ---> Baby Adelyn Mae

stay tune for more.... 

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