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Monday, November 4, 2013

Sushi Wong

-Sushi Wong-

Things you will need:: 

Just the simple things will need to make the famous Sushi Wong everyone loves during parties. It's easy and simple, and it's always a big hit. I am so thrill to share this with you all.

(The only thing I forgot to include on this picture is thin foil for wrapping the premade sushi wong individually and placing them in the freezer overnight. The reason why I wrap them in foil because I always prepare these the night before cooking/serving them. It helps the bread stay rolled before dipping it in egg and bread crumbs and also frying. But of course, before all that, you will have to remove the foil wrapping. )

So with all that said, let's get started::

   •white bread
   •cheddar cheese
   •thin foil
   •Japanese bread crumbs
   •vegetable oil for frying
For starters, make sure you already have your cheese cut into french fries style (like how its shown on the picture) and that it's the same width as your bread (no longer).
Then, take your baking pin and roll the bread as flat as you can. 
The flatter, the better!!

Spread some butter on it and Sprinkle sugar on top of the butter. Just like how it's done on the picture.

Place a slice of the Ham on top of the sugar and then the cut Cheese.

Then, Roll it like you would roll a sushi.

This is how it should look after you Roll it. 
Almost done!!

Take a piece of tin foil and wrap your rolled ham and cheese bread.
Remember how I mentioned in the beginning that we will need tin foil? Well, this is when we will need it. I like to freeze the bread for a few hours so that the bread will hold in place while frying it.

Make sure you twist the ends. I like to make it tight on the ends because the cheese will melt during cooking time and don't want any to escape.

There you have it. You have done the first part of making some Sushi Wongs.
Place these yummy goodness in the freezer for a few hours or so before cooking. I like to make these the night before or early that morning of the party.

Tick, tock, tick, tock....

Take them out an hour before your party....

.....and unwrap and remove the tin foil.

Prepare the Egg and Bread Crumbs on separate plates. You may add milk to the egg, but its optional. 
Take a rolled bread and dip in the egg to moisten it....

...and then roll it in the bread crumbs.

Make sure your oil in your pan is Hot. I keep mine on medium heat. But it all just depends on what burner you're using.
When you drop the rolled bread in the hot oil, it should bubble just like how it is in the picture. It will go away as you Sushi Wong finish.  Make sure to flip it for even cooking.
 Your Sushi Wong should be done in 2 minutes, at most. If it turns golden brown before that 2 minutes, then your oil is way too hot. If it takes longer, you might want to turn the heat up just a little.

This is how it should look like right after you take them out of the oil.  Lay them flat and let them cool off for a minute before cutting.

Then, cut and serve! Enjoy!

-until next time-

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