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Monday, January 13, 2014

Movie/popcorn starring Lorax

[short blog] but enjoy the pictures

I have to say, I am so pleased to be a part of a Group that let's me plan and decorate events. Today, we had an indoor playgroup with the kiddos and out from the cold weather. We had a movie and pop corn day and aired the Lorax for them.

Yesterday, I had all day to create a somewhat table for the kids to get in the mood with some sweet treats. 
{here are some close-up teaser I posted for my beloved friends}

Pom poms for the Truffula Tree

Paper pom poms for the ceiling

Base for the Truffula tree

Truffula Tree finished 

And of course some circle garlands

The next sets of pictures are my set up at the playgroup. Which I am thankful for the many help from my friends for helping me set them up.

Wish I had taken the time to make a tutorial diy on these, but I did them all in one day, so hope you enjoy the few pictures I have.

'Til Next Time

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