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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Banana Pudding

When you're craving something, you really have to satisfy that craving or else you will find yourself thinking about it every minute of the day until you fulfill it.  Well, I put into priority to make a banana pudding for a pot lock one night and I screw that up. Big time! 
See, Our family just recently moved to Japan, so finding ingredients is a lot tougher than I thought. The commissary just so happen to be close the day before and day of the pot lock. I had forgotten to buy the main ingredient that I needed, cool whip and sour cream. So with that said, I ask everyone for help. I manage to find someone who had some sour cream and cool whip, but the cool whip was in the can and that made all the difference. Plus, I rushed into making the vanilla pudding (boxed) and forgot that I wasn't supposed to use the full amount of milk that was instructed on the box. First time around, the Banana pudding I was craving turned out really runny. I was disappointed! It still taste like banana pudding, but its not good enough though.
Thankfully the commissary was opened the next day. So after the playdate we had with the mommy group that morning, I decided to redeem myself and get all the ingredients to make my banana pudding because after the first one, I was still craving it. Today, I finally made it the right way. Made me feel a whole lot better after the filling started to form. Not Runny too!! I was full of joy! Ha! So with that story said, I am willing to share my mom's recipe with you all because it is worth tasting it!

2 (1oz) box Vanilla pudding
3 cups Milk (not soy, will not settle)
2 tubs (8oz) or 1 big tub cool whip
1 small tub (3-4 spoon full) sour cream

Combine Vanilla pudding and milk in a deep bowl, whisk until settled.
Fold in the cool whip and sour cream until its fluffy.
Set aside.
Slice bananas into circles :)
Open the bags of wafers.
Grab a handful and crush it (in a small baggy, less messy) set aside.
Now the fun part.
In a container, spread a thin layer of filling on the bottom.
Then layer the wafers on top.
Thin layer of filling next.
Then layer the bananas.
Thin layer of filling again.
Then the wafers, filling, banana, filling...and so on until you fill up the container.
End with a layer of filling on top.
To make it look fancy, sprinkle the crumbs of wafers on top.

What makes this banana pudding so yummy is that you have to refrigerate it before you can devour it. At least 6 hours or so. Enjoy!

Step by Step::

Use 2 boxes of sugar free jello vanilla pudding and pour it all in the bowl.

Mix in 3 Cups of Milk. (Do not use Soy, pudding will not settle)

Whip it until its settled....

Should look like this. If yours turned out runny, then you must have mixed in a little too much milk or less pudding mix.

Anyways, then fold in the cool whip and Sour cream. (I only had the big tub of sour cream, so I just scooped out a few spoonful) :)

Should look like this after you folded in the cool whip and Sour cream. Fluffy!

Crush some wafers, then set aside. Will use it as a topping at the end.

Slice bananas and take out the wafers

All you'll need to layer the pudding.

Start with a layer of pudding on the bottom.

Then the wafers...

Pudding again...

Bananas next...



You get the idea, right.

Sprinkle the crumbs on top.