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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Washi Tape Organization

One year down in Japan, two more years to go and we have yet seen a lot of the interesting places. But, I have managed to collect more Washi Tapes. That's a good thing right? {for the washi tape lover out there}

I have collected so many in a year that when I do find more out in stores, I have to pretend I don't see them because there's no way I will come back home empty handed. {it never worked though}

So, Washi Tape, what is the easiest way to store these fun things?! I have tried a container and that kept it pretty organized and separated from my other craft supplies, but it's never in my reaching distant. Pinterest has awesome ideas. I was organizing my desk today and thought, why not showcase my washi tape and have them out. Maybe it'll inspire me to use it to the many projects I have in mind. I remember that I have an old wooden paper towel holder that's collecting dust in the back of a cabinet. I took that out and viola! Washi Tape holder. My previous idea on storing my Washi Tapes was to repurpose an empty box of tinfoil with the tube inside. After all, it has that metal thing that can cut the tape for me easily. But instead, I used the tube {pretty thick} and hot glue it on the outside edge of the paper towel holder to make more place to put my Washi Tapes in. Now, I just need maybe 3 or 4 more of those tubes and all of my precious Washi Tapes will finally have a good home! 

Here's how it looks for now:

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